Letter from the President

Welcome to Kappa Alpha Theta at UCSB! I am so honored to be serving as the current Chief Executive Officer of Theta, what has become the most fulfilling and exciting year of my college experience!


As a first year student at UCSB, I was positive I wanted to get involved on campus. Formal recruitment was like nothing I had experienced before. It was overwhelming at times, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice to join Theta. I never expected what Theta would do for my life and my time here at UCSB. Whether it be a boost of confidence before a big interview, coming home to candy and an encouraging note after a long week, or hilarious moments during weekend adventures, I will always cherish the memories shared with these women. My membership in Theta has provided me with my best friends, an inspiring, supportive, and intelligent group of women I will have by my side all my life.


With the support of my sisters, I will lead with love and give back to Theta, in appreciation for everything I have gained from this sorority. Theta is truly the best thing that has happened to me here at UCSB. I know I will always value the lifelong friendships among these women and I will forever be grateful for the lessons Theta has taught me.


As members of Theta, we value our fraternity’s tenets: Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership Potential, Commitment to Service, and Personal Excellence. These ideals motivate and remind us to be the best versions of ourselves as we make the most of our college experience. I know I will graduate from UCSB a more well-rounded and confidant woman looking forward to a successful future. I am extremely proud to be a Theta for a lifetime.

I invite you to explore our website and social media to get a better feel for our involvement at UCSB and the times we spend together!

Theta love, 

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Jessica Quintos | CEO | Kappa Alpha Theta